Amongst the many tasks you have to cover to keep your business running smoothly, social media activity may seem like wasted time. Since marketing pros have long preached that a customer needs seven interactions with your brand before making a purchase, social media is a simple and inexpensive way to gain attention. Learn how LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing medium.

Warming up Prospects

LinkedIn gives you the ability to learn about your prospects’ goals and values. Visit their company page and the individual pages of those you want to reach out to. Understand what prospects do, why they do it, and what challenges they face so when you pitch to them, you can be a problem-solver instead of a product pusher.

Expanding Visibility

You’re rarely very many connections away from another related company when you maintain an active list of contacts. Ask a connection for an introduction to a solid lead so you can build a relationship. Connected members can see your posts in their newsfeeds, giving you greater visibility. When a person responds to your posts and articles with a like or comment, their network can see what you posted, casting a wider net for your firm.

Building Credibility

Do more than pitch to connections. As with other social media platforms, LinkedIn users want to be educated, entertained, and inspired. Share suggestions on how your audience can enrich their businesses and their lives. Cheerlead for the successes of your friends and pass along heartwarming news stories. Recently added video and audio capabilities allow you to host webinars, interviews, and live chats, positioning you as a thought leader and expert.

Finding Employees and Contractors

The platform doesn’t just give you a place to sell yourself. Whether you need an employee or a freelancer, you can find quality help on LinkedIn. You gain more free promotions by hiring an active member of the network. Linking to your new team member gives you closer access to their connections. You receive another endorsement when a contractor or staff member lists your company on their work experience.

The site encourages members to post about new positions and prompts connections to congratulate others on new jobs and work anniversaries, further boosting your visibility and positive perception. You and your team members can endorse each others’ skills and experience, creating more testimonials of the quality of your firm.

LinkedIn gives business owners and entrepreneurs an excellent way to market themselves when used strategically.