As a business owner, you know that your employees can make or break your company. Therefore, you have probably searched extensively for the very best employees you can find. However, today’s job seekers are much like today’s buyers. They conduct extensive research to find a company with a great reputation and brand recognition. Therefore, these are a few recruitment marketing tips you may use to find great help.

Focus on Your Website Content

When prospective employees land on your website, they need clear direction and compelling content about your company. Therefore, you should invest your time in creating career-focused content and pages that discuss your company, including its mission, vision, values, work environment, and corporate culture. You can either link to this information or state it right on your career pages. You should also discuss the products and services you provide. Don’t forget to include training opportunities and the benefits your employees enjoy.

Optimize your career pages for SEO so they are higher in the search engine results of job seekers. When websites show up later in the results, job seekers may assume you aren’t hiring at the time. Therefore, identify keywords or phrases that potential employees may search for and optimize the content on your career and company pages for those keywords or phrases.

Market on Social Media

Some social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, are specifically developed to connect professionals and companies. You should have a company account with this platform. Be sure your information is comprehensive and post open positions. You may also pay for promotional content that increases your visibility to job seekers.

Don’t overlook the value of other social media companies, however. You can build social media accounts on multiple platforms and include your job listings in any employee-focused content you post. You can also share your career page links. Remember to regularly update your profile, include any company news and events, and remember to post photos.

Post on Job Sites

Today’s job seekers typically visit at least one job listing site when they are searching for employment. Therefore, if you aren’t on these sites, you may be missing some valuable applicants.

Most job posting sites allow you to post your open jobs for free. This puts your ads in front of potentially tens of thousands of people for no up-front costs. However, these sites also typically offer a paid option, where you can get your ad placed above free listings when job seekers search specific keywords.

When you pursue recruitment marketing, your job listings are viewed by many more potential applicants, giving you a larger pool from which to find the best candidates for your job openings.